Today in 1941 - April 17 - German spy Josef Jakobs wrote his Third Statement to Camp 020 Interrogators

Today in 1941, Josef wrote his third statement about his life and handed it to Captain George F. Sampson, one of the Camp 020 interrogators.

On 17 April, Josef typed up a third statement in which he gave the reason for his journey to England. Josef spoke of how horrible life was under the Nazis. He believed that England would never be able to beat the Nazis since there was no landing spot for them on the Continent. England could only hope to defeat the Nazis if they enlisted the support of anti-Nazi groups within Germany, of which there were many. Josef said that he belonged to one such group, and that they had supported his mission to England, in order to obtain the support of the English government. In addition, they hoped to acquire monetary support from refugee German Jews. Josef restated his desire to help the English.

The statement, typewritten in German, was translated into English by the officers at Camp 020.


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