Today in 1941 - May 20 - German spy Josef Jakobs provided more information on Karel Richter

Today in 1941, Josef was interrogated in more depth about his association with Karel Richter.

Karel Richter had arrived at Latchmere House on May 15 and, with Josef's help, the Camp 020 officers had managed to break Richter and extract a fair bit of information from him.

On May 20, Lt. Sampson, Lt. Short and 2nd Lt. Winn sat down with Josef and questioned him further about Richter. They wanted to compare Josef's information to Richter's story.

Over the next few weeks, the Camp 020 officers would play Richter and Josef against each other in a "cross-ruff". The purpose of the sessions was for each spy to "trump" the other by revealing incremental bits of information that the Camp 020 officers could then exploit.


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