31 July 2015

Today in 1941 - July 31 - German spy Josef Jakobs served with documents at Wandsworth Prison

Today in 1941, Lt. Col. William Edward Hinchley-Cooke visited Josef Jakobs at Wandsworth Prison. He served Josef with several legal documents:
  • Charge Sheet (Josef was charged under the Treachery Act)
  • Summary of Evidence (taken on July 28 - witness statements)
  • Copy of Exhibit 16 (torn fragments of disc code)
  • Copy of Exhibit 17 (Josef's statement to Hinchley-Cooke taken on June 18, 1941.
  • Copy of evidence to be given by Mr. L.W. Humphreys (radio expert - not present at Summary of Evidence)
At Josef's request, Hinchley-Cooke explained the nature of Humphreys' statement, something that might have been beyond Josef's limited English skills. Josef also asked for a Catholic priest and Hinchley-Cooke said that one would be arranged.

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