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The Dangers of Drifting

Apologies to anyone who has been trying to find my Josef Jakobs website (! I have drifted away from blogging about Josef for the last 6 months and wasn't updating the website at all. With the domain up for renewal in January, I had a look at it and was shocked to discover that the site-provider, Moonfruit, moved all free subscriptions to paid subscriptions on September 1.

Apparently the site has been unavailable since then. Oh dear.

So, again, 1000 apologies. In many ways this is a good thing as it will force me to make the switch to the new Josef Jakobs site on Weebly that I set up in the spring. I was just procrastinating on transferring the domain as I tend to do that when I think something will be either (a) hard or (b) complicated.

Stay-tuned and I plan to get the blog back on a regular schedule as well.