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HD Paranormal Film - Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm - Untold Secrets (2017)

HD Paranormal - Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm - The Untold Secrets (2017) A few weeks ago (August 4, 2017), the HD Paranormal film on Bella in the Wych Elm was released and screened to an audience of 400-plus people in Stourbridge Town Hall. According to audience reviews, it was a very engaging film. There are a few reviews of the film which offer some tantalizing hints of what is in the movie.     Express & Star review     Midland Movies review     Stourbridge News review The reviewers note that it is a well-researched film that keeps the audience wondering... what really happened. Unfortunately, none of the reviews really touch on the espionage aspect of the case and the far-fetched theory that Bella was Clara Bauerle. Which means... one would either have to buy a copy of the film or... view it in person at another screening scheduled for October 31 at Stourbridge Town Hall . The DVD is available for £5 but is currently out-of-stock. Another £5 to ship to Canad