09 February 2018

Wikipedia Page - Bella in the Wych Elm

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Goodness, Bella now has her very own Wikipedia page! It's actually been around for a couple of years but had a flurry of activity on it in the last few days. Given how popular the topic is... it remains to be seen how the page will maintain its accuracy. It quotes heavily from the Alison Vale article in The Independent which was rife with errors.

I had a quick glance and corrected a few of the most obvious ones. Jack Mossop was NOT Una's cousin. He was her ex-husband.

It is unfortunate that most of the articles used as references for the Wikipedia article on Bella simply rehash old rumours and other articles. All that does is compound the errors. I recently read a news article which suggested that Jack Mossop and the mysterious Van Raalte had been trying to prevent Bella from drink-driving. Original source material is where we might find some new answers... not creating fresh rumours.

On the other hand, the Wikipedia article quotes a book by Joyce M. Coley entitled Bella: An Unsolved Murder. It was published in 2007 and is 32 pages long. It seems to be out of print and... the price on amazon.com is a tad steep!

05 February 2018

BBC One Show - Last Execution at the Tower of London

In October 2016, the BBC filmed a short segment on Josef Jakobs at the Tower of London. It briefly tells the tale of Josef's execution at the Tower. It also shows the first meeting between Kate, the daughter of William Chidlow and myself, the granddaughter of Josef Jakobs. Chidlow was one of the Military Policemen who guarded Josef during his final weeks and escorted him to his execution at the Tower of London.

The segment aired on the OneShow in January 2017 but wasn't accessible to views outside the United Kingdom. A friend of mine found a clip pf the BBC segment on YouTube. I'm not sure if it will play in all geographic regions (copyright issues), but it does work in Canada! It's just under 5 minutes long.