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Update on "The Spy in the Tower" Publishing Adventure

Josef Jakobs plaque Tower of London - East Wall display (copyright 2014 G.K. Jakobs) Today is a day of significance - the 77th anniversary of Josef Jakobs' execution at the Tower of London. It also marks "T minus 1 month... the manuscript is due at the The History Press on September 15. Things are slowly coming together. I've been pruning the manuscript and then sanding it down. I've managed to trim a good 40,000 words off of it, which is quite an accomplishment. It's now a matter of cleaning up lingering loose-ends. There is a big formatting hurdle still to tackle, but only in the days immediately prior to September 15: going from double-spaced to single-spaced, eliminating all MS Word-generated bullet lists, etc, and (the big one) transforming MS Word's auto-generated end notes into manual end notes with square brackets. I definitely don't want to do that one until everything is squeaky clean in the manuscript. Deleting one end note would result i