Geheimisse des Towers: Spione und Kronjuwelen - ZDF (2019) - in German

Logo of ZDF (from Wikipedia)
Logo of ZDF (from Wikipedia)
A cousin of mine in Germany made me aware of a German documentary that broadcast on 11 June 2019 in Germany. The show was a four part series on Geheimnisse des Towers (Secrets of the Tower [of London]):
  • Geheimnisse des Towers: Spione und Kronjuwelen (Spies & Crown Jewels)
  • Geheimnisse des Towers: Verschwörer und Verräter (Conspirators & Traitors)
  • Geheimnisse des Towers: Könige und Henker (Kings & Executioners)
  • Geheimnisse des Towers: Prinzen und Rebellen (Princes & Rebels)
I watched the episode on Spies and Crown Jewels shortly after it aired via the web and thought they did a fair job of telling the story of Josef Jakobs. They had a nice little piece in which they interviewed Bridget Clifford, curator of the Armouries at the Tower.

I wanted to watch the episode again before writing this blog post but... it is no longer available online. I wrote an email to the broadcasting company (ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen - public broadcasting company) and asked for a digital copy to view. They told me that the program was unavailable due to "legal reasons".


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