Free Digital Files on National Archives

I follow The National Archives (Kew) on Facebook and this post popped up last week. It made my heart skip a beat and then do a happy dance pitter patter!

Due to Covid19, the archives are closed, of course. Many of their digitized files are available for download via their website. But... they cost money. It's not a lot of money but still... £3.50 adds up after a while.

Hence my excitement to read that they are going to be making their digital files FREE! I am going to be working on my wish list while they get the details sorted out... and make sure that I have enough hard drive storage space for this treasure trove.

It does make me wish, however, that more of their files were digitized but... one can't have everything...

Although... I am wondering if this may have been an April Fool's Day joke... although scrolling through the hundreds of FB comments, there was no hint of that... Hmmm...


I don't see any indication of this on the Kew website, Gigi. Did you track it down?


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