Website Review - Upwood & The Raveleys History Pages - Josef Jakobs

Since Josef Jakobs landed near the village of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, his story is often mentioned in histories of the area.

Photograph of Josef Jakobs provided by G.K. Jakobs
Josef Jakobs - April 1940
Photograph provided to Find A Grave
by G.K. Jakobs
One such website is Upwood & The Raveleys History Pages which have a small section on Josef. This site also pulled a picture of Josef from his virtual grave on the Find A Grave website.

This particular site has a few of the more common errors concerning the story around Josef, namely that he was spotted landing by the Home Guard and that he was transferred from Ramsey Police Station to the Tower of London. In actual fact, Josef descended on the night of January 31 and was found by some farmers the following morning. From Ramsey Police Station he was transferred to Cannon Row Police Station followed by: Brixton Prixon Hospital Ward, Latchmere House, Dulwich Hospital, Latchmere House, Brixton Prison Hospital Ward, Latchmere House, Wandsworth Prison and finally the Tower of London on 15 August, 1941.

3/5 - some inaccuracies could be corrected


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