Today in 1941 - April 16 - German spy Josef Jakobs wrote his Second Statement to Camp 020 Interrogators

Today in 1941, Josef wrote his second statement about his life and handed it to Captain George F. Sampson, one of the Camp 020 interrogators.

On 16 April, Josef typed up a second statement in which he tried to prove that he had not come to England as an enemy. He spoke of how he had been betrayed by a friend (Van Hees) when he confided that he had no intention of helping the Nazis in England. Instead, he planned to contact the English Secret Service or, failing that, make his way to America where he had an aunt. Van Hees informed the Gestapo of Josef's plans and they in turn informed the German Intelligence Service. Despite this information, the German Intelligence Service sent Josef to England, albeit without the Swiss passport he had expected. Josef spoke of how his leg was hurt while still in the aircraft but that he decided to jump anyhow.

The statement, typewritten in German, was translated into English by the officers at Camp 020.


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