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Latchmere House article
(From St. Margarets Community Website)
Today, I came across a new website/blog featuring an article on Latchmere House/Camp 020. The article is hosted on the St. Margarets Community website.

Written by Martyn Day, the article gives a brief history of Latchmere House and features a few quotes from its Commandant during World War 2, Lt. Col. Robin William George Stephens.

The article concludes by giving brief stories of four spies held within Camp 020 during World War 2: Eddie Chapman, Josef Jakobs, Karel Richter and Wulf Schmidt. While factually accurate, it is unfortunate that the author hasn't provided any references or attributions for the photographs.

The low resolution copy of the Josef Jakobs photo was one that I provided to Find-a-Grave.

3/5 - generally accurate but could use references and photo attributions.


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