Errors Abound around Josef Jakobs

Clara Bauerle - postcard
(from National Archives file on Josef Jakobs)
Every few months, I sieve through the internet searching for new articles, blog posts or websites that mention Josef Jakobs. There are usually a few. Sometimes they are accurate, sometimes not so much. Often they are simply a regurgitation of previous information, and the errors multiply.

The Hagley Woods Mystery - The Unredacted blog
This article seems repeat information found in The Independent (2013) and The Express and Star (2014) articles which speculated that German singer Clara Bauerle was the woman found stuffed in a tree in Hagley Wood in 1943. The articles mentioned that Clara was the girlfriend of "Czech born Gestapo agent Josef Jakobs". The website noted above perpetuates the error. Josef was a German citizen born in Luxembourg to German parents. He was a attached to the German Abwehr (German Intelligence Service) not a member of the German Gestapo (Nazi Secret Police).

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm - Planet Inside
Similar errors as above. Also has a photograph of Josef Jakobs with no attribution.

The Tower of London in Numbers - Timeout London
Another site that perpetuates the error that Josef Jakobs was executed on August 14, 1941. It was actually August 15, 1941.

50 Newsworthy Anniversaries in August 2016 for you to write about (and make money from) - The Official ideas4writers blog
Well, that's different! At least they have the bare facts correct on Josef's execution date.

The Execution Sites of London - Historic UK
Interesting site that maps execution sites within London. Facts on Josef Jakobs are accurate.


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