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Clara Bauerle is Finally Laid to Rest

Clara Bauerle It has taken me a few years, pursuing many leads, but I can finally say that Clara Bauerle has been laid to rest. Clara did not die stuffed into a Wych Elm in England. She was not Bella in the Wych Elm. She was a German actress and singer who passed away in a Berlin hospital on December 16, 1942. A while ago, I ordered the birth registration for Clara, from the Standesamt in Ulm. That record gave her death registration number in Berlin. With that in hand, I wrote to the relevant Standesamt in Berlin and, after a lengthy wait, received her death registration in the mail last week. Translation follows below... Death Registration of Clara Bauerle The actress Hedwig Klara Bauerle, Protestant, living in Berlin, Bleibtreustrasse 32, did, on 16 December 1942 at 12:15 in Berlin-Oberschoneweide, Konigin-Elisabeth-Hospital, die. The deceased was born on 27 August 1905 in Ulm (Standesamt Ulm/Donau Nr.../...). Father - Fruitseller Adolf Bauerle, deceased, last