The Dangers of Drifting

Apologies to anyone who has been trying to find my Josef Jakobs website (! I have drifted away from blogging about Josef for the last 6 months and wasn't updating the website at all. With the domain up for renewal in January, I had a look at it and was shocked to discover that the site-provider, Moonfruit, moved all free subscriptions to paid subscriptions on September 1.

Apparently the site has been unavailable since then. Oh dear.

Josef Jakobs website unavailable
Screen capture of Josef Jakobs website being unavailable on Moonfruit site-host.

So, again, 1000 apologies. In many ways this is a good thing as it will force me to make the switch to the new Josef Jakobs site on Weebly that I set up in the spring. I was just procrastinating on transferring the domain as I tend to do that when I think something will be either (a) hard or (b) complicated.

Stay-tuned and I plan to get the blog back on a regular schedule as well.


Unknown said…
Hi, I have just stumbled across your blog and felt I had to reach out to you. I am the great grand daughter of Charles Baldock the farmer (not farm-hand as he is often referred ;) ) who was one half of the pair who found Josef at Dove House Farm.

Over Christmas break I was discussing family history with my Nan, (Charles daughter) she was only 9 years old the day they found Josef but has clear memories of her father and Uncle Harry coming home and telling them all that happened.

My Nan describes how her Dad stayed with Josef gave him one of his fags before taking off his gloves and giving them to Josef to warm his hands after a cold night out on the fens whilst they waited for Coulson to get help.

I believe Josefs grandson visited the area a few years back however only met with remaining Coulson side of the duo. If you have any questions for the Baldock side I would be happy to pass them on to my Nan.

Giselle Jakobs said…
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