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Mystery Spy GOOSE/GANDER - Kurt Goose

Every once in a while, I chip away at lingering mysteries. A recent email exchange with Tony Percy ( ) about Kurt/Karl Grosse/Goose reignited my curiosity about this mysterious spy. I wrote an earlier blog post about his capture and short-lived career as a double agent but there are still many unanswered questions. One of the primary ones is... what was this guy's real name? I did some digging in Ancestry, trying various combinations of his name and birth year (1911). Eventually, after many (many) dead ends, I came across this... Bremen passenger list entry for Kurt Goose It's a passenger list record from Die Maus website ( Bremen passenger lists ). A German gentleman named Kurt Goose departed Bremen on 1 August 1936, bound for New York and ultimately Berkeley CA where he was a student at the University of California. Kurt was 25 years old (born around 1911), single and living in Berlin. His relative was his mother, R. Goose of Hohenzollerndamm 91, Ber