The Spy in the Tower - pre-orders for non-UK readers

The Spy in the Tower - 1 May 2019
by Giselle Jakobs
(The History Press)
Good news... readers outside of the UK can now pre-order a copy of the book (if you want to...) via the Book Depository site. They have free world-wide shipping!

UK readers can still order via

The marketing department of The History Press is also looking at setting up a book signing event in London in early May (when I'm over there). At this point, we're still looking good for a 1 May publication date. More details as I have them (this is becoming a standard phrase of mine).

As an aside... I thought researching and writing the darn book would cover the lion's share of the work but... I'm learning something new every day! I believe the real work is just beginning.

Whilst in London, I'm also planning to visit some of the sites associated with Josef's time in London and filming some vignettes for each. Bit of the history of each, Josef's time there, and my own impressions/thoughts of each. Sites would include:
  • Cannon Row Police Station - where Josef was brought upon arrival in London
  • HM Prison Brixton - Josef was incarcerated here twice during his recovery from his broken ankle
  • Dulwich Hospital - where Josef was hospitalised for almost two months
  • Latchmere House (or what's left of it) - MI5's secret wartime interrogation centre (most of which is now a housing estate)
  • HM Prison Wandsworth - where Josef spent the last three weeks of his life
  • Duke of York's Headquarters - where the court martial took place on 4/5 August 1941
  • Tower of London - site of the execution
  • Tower Bridge Mortuary - site of the post-mortem
  • St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green - final resting place of Josef
Planning to create an exclusive access "goodie-bag" for readers who purchase the book... more details later. 


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