I am the granddaughter of Josef Jakobs. I have been conducting research on Josef since 1988. My research has progressed from uncovering a few lines on Josef in obscure espionage books, to reading the entire set of files on Josef at the National Archives in London.

My goal is to share information on Josef, to portray the human side of a man whose legacy seems to be a trivia footnote in the annals of history.


Unknown said…
Dear Giselle,

I'm emailing to thank you for the work you have done on your detailed website about your grandfather, Josef Jakobs. I am a history teacher from the UK, and also host a daily history podcast at www.HistoryPod.net The purpose of HistoryPod is to give accounts of events that happened 'on this day in history'. While some events may be well-known, others may be less so.

On the 15th August, a date that I realise must be a difficult one for you, I plan to publish a podcast about the execution of Josef Jakobs. Since I have used your website for information to ensure my podcast is factually accurate, I felt it was appropriate to let you know. I also wonder if you would be happy for me to use some of the images from your website (correctly attributed, of course)?

Best regards,
Scott Allsop


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