10 February 2014

The Truth about Clara Bauerle

Who was Clara Bauerle? What really happened to her? To begin with, we have to recognize that Clara Bauerle's name could be spelled in a variety of ways:

If one searches long and hard on the internet, one can find the following information on the singer/actress known as Clara Bauerle.

Early Life & Movie Career

Clara was born 27 August 1905 in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

In 1932-1933, Clara had a small part in the movie Die Blume von Hawaii (The Flower of Hawaii) which was released on 21 March 1933.
Poster for the movie "Die Blume von Hawaii".
Poster for the movie "Die Blume
von Hawaii".

In 1939-1940, she played a young lady at the ball in the movie Bal Paré which was released 22 May 1940.
Poster for the movie "Bal Paré ".
Poster for the movie "Bal Paré ".

Singing Career

Clara also had a music career and by piecing together her recordings, the following timeline emerges:
  • 1940 September - Wenn die kleinen Veilchen blü'n (1608 - Tempo 5035) with Bernhard Etté Orchester
  • 1940 September - Die Männer sind schon die Liebe wert (1612 - Tempo 5038 & 4176A) with Bernhard Etté Orchester
  • 1940 December - Mit meinem Küssen auf den Lippen (1616 - Tempo 5035) with Bernhard Etté Orchester
  • 1941 March - Bleib bei mir ein paar glückliche Stunden (1661 - Tempo 5050) with Juan Llossas & Orchester
  • 1941 March - Ich bin heute ja so verliebt (1662 - Tempo 5050) with Juan Llossas & Orchester
  • 1941 March - Mamatschi (schenk mir ein Pferdchen) (1671 - Tempo 5055 & 4088A) with Tempo Salon Orchester
  • 1941 Mar/Apr - Bevor du schlafen gehst, ruf mich noch mal an (1672 - Tempo 5084) - Curt Hasenpflug (conductor)
Tempo record with Claire Bauerle
Recording with Claire Bauerle.

  • 1941 Mar/Apr - Ich möcht' so gern ein Patenkind von Herrgott sein (1673 - Tempo 5055 & 4088B) - Curt Hasenpflug (conductor)
  • 1941 Mar/Apr - Ich hab' es oft versucht (1674 - Tempo 5084) - Curt Hasenpflug - conductor
  • 1941 July - So wird's nie wieder sein (1718 - Tempo 5090) - with Bernhard Etté Orchester
  • 1941 July - Du darfst mir nie mehr rote Rosen schenken (1720 - Tempo 5035) - with Bernhard Etté Orchester
  • 1942 - Ich weiss, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n (1813 - Tempo 5113) with Orchesterbegleitung (Orchestra accompaniment)
  • 1942 - Davon geht die Welt nicht unter (1814 - Tempo 5113) with Orchesterbegleitung (Orchestra accompaniment)
  • 1942 - Schiff Ahoi (1816 - Tempo 782) with Orchesterbegleitung
    (Orchestra accompaniment)
Clara Bauerle, the singer and actress recorded songs through the latter part of 1940 into 1941 and 1942. She most certainly did not parachute into the British Midlands in October 1941.

Her singing career ended in 1942. Why?

On 16 December 1942, Clara Bauerle, singer, actress, mistress and potential spy died in Berlin Germany.

Postscript (8 December 2014)
D.J. Cockburn has written a nice summary of the various theories around Bella in the Wych Elm - well worth a read.

Updates (18 July 2015)
A couple of blog postings with more recent news of my search for the ever-elusive Clara Bauerle

2015 02 23 - A Follow-up to Clara Bauerle and Bella in the Wych Elm
2015 07 17 - Update on the Elusive Clara Bauerle and Bella in the Wych Elm


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Anonymous said...

Am interested to know if you have you found Clara Bauerle's death certificate/registration of death? Is her death in 1942 a matter of fact?

Giselle Jakobs said...

Thanks for the comment.

I am still working on tracking down a death registration - more challenging without knowing in what Berlin Standesamt her death was registered.

Her death date is listed on the Bayerisches Musiker Lexikon website and on the IMDB website.

Aemeerzan Haziq /AB Haridtz said...

Clara Bauerle is 'Bella' in the wych elm tree

Giselle Jakobs said...

Thanks for the comment. I would be interested to learn what leads you to that conclusion. I tracked down Clara Bauerle's death registration in Germany - check out my blog from September 2016 - http://www.josefjakobs.info/2016/09/clara-bauerle-is-finally-laid-to-rest.html

James Brown said...

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Giselle Jakobs said...

Thanks James!