A.D.M. Evans - United Nations Director and Interrogator at Camp 020 in 1941.

One of the Camp 020 interrogators involved in the questioning of Josef Jakobs was not included in Richter's parachute outing. A.D. Meurig Evans was a 2nd Lieutenant and while Evans is a rather common name, Meurig Evans is a bit more unique. Again, by cross-referencing the British Army Lists and the London Gazette from 1940 and 1941, we find only one A.D.M. Evans being commissioned into the Intelligence Corps, Albert Dan Meurig Evans.

Early Life
Map showing location of Toxteth Park in Liverpool. (from Google Maps)
Map showing location of Toxteth Park in Liverpool.
(from Google Maps)
Albert was born 25 May, 1902, in Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire. His father, Albert Edward Evans was a Liverpool native and schoolmaster at an elementary school. His mother, Katherine Eleanor was a Welsh lass, born in Strata Florida, Cardiganshire.

Albert's parents were apparently married in 1902 which makes one wonder if Albert's imminent arrival precipitated a hasty wedding. By 1911, Albert had two younger sisters to order around, Katherine Eirys and Helen Vivyenne. The family must have been fairly well to-do for they also had a Welsh housemaid to help with the chores and childcare.

After 1911, little is known of Albert's movements. He apparently visited the United States (Massachusetts) in 1925/26 as a student, but beyond that we find no trace of him.

World War 2
Signature of Lt. A.D.M. Evans (National Archives KV 2 files)
Signature of Lt. A.D.M. Evans
(National Archives KV 2 files)
Albert resurfaces in 1940 when he is commissioned into the British Army as Intelligence Corps officer. Unfortunately, other than assisting at several of Josef's interrogations, Albert does not appear to have become a lead interrogator at Camp 020. His activities during the remainder of the war remain a mystery.

Post War
After the war, Albert joined the United Nations Organization in Switzerland. He traveled back and forth between England, Switzerland and New York quite a bit. Unlike many of his fellow UNO workers, Albert generally avoided lengthy sea voyages and traveled by airplane. On a trip in 1946, he listed his status as "married". A later passenger manifest lists his wife as Henriette F.L. Evans, a British subject.

United Nations Flag
United Nations Flag
By 1949, Albert had risen to the rank of Assistant Director of the United Nations Office in Geneva. In his role, he represented the Secretary General in several commissions (World Health Organization and Committee on Refugees).

Our last trace on Albert comes from a passenger manifest in 1956 when Albert and his wife set sail on the Queen Elizabeth from Southampton, England to New York. They both listed their country of permanent residence as the USA. What became of Albert and his wife? Did they remain in the USA or did they eventually return to England or Switzerland?

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