The Tablet - A Brief Tour of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kensal Green

The Tablet logo.On 23 November, 2013, the Tablet newspaper in England published an article entitled "From NW10 to Eternity". The article gives a brief history of St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Kensal Green where Josef Jakobs is buried.

The article highlights some of the more impressive tombs in the cemetery and mentions the three spies who are buried within its grounds - Josef Jakobs (German spy), Krystyna Skarbek (British Secret Intelligence agent) and Andrzej Kowerski (SOE agent during World War 2).

The article also notes that there is an underground catacomb below the chapel and the chapel office, a fascinating tidbit of information.

The article notes that the cemetery was almost full in 1992 and that a second lift of soil was placed on graves in the southern area of the cemetery. Winston Ramsey of After the Battle magazine indicated that a second lift of soil was placed on graves in the "G" area of the cemetery in the mid-1970s. Shortly afterwards, he visited the cemetery looking for Josef's grave and found that it had been covered over. Perhaps this area was expanded in 1992.


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