Sad News

This blog schedule has been a bit disrupted of late. I normally try to have things pre-posted several weeks in advance but... circumstances sometimes intervene.

A few weeks ago, Josef's last surviving child, my father, Raymond Jakobs, passed away at the age of 86 on the west coast of Canada. My Dad lived a long, full life and was extremely excited about my book on Josef. Raymond was only 9 years old when Josef left on his espionage mission and never really knew what happened to him. We had hoped that my Dad might make it to May and see the book in print, but such was not to be.


LacoAcer said…
Very sorry to hear that, dear Giselle, please accept my condolences. I watched the documentary on Bella in Wych Elm on History Channel and got really fascinated by the story and the sad end of your grandfather, one of the senseless victims of that tragic war.
May God grant peace to you and your family. Thank you for the amazing blog and a really breathtaking story.

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