16 August 2019

Article Review - A Sirmoor Spy: the Extraordinary Life of Honorary Brigadier Robin 'Tin-Eye' Stephens

The Sirmooree - cover
The Sirmooree - cover
Another interruption to the blog series on the black market German passport business. I'm needing some serious research time to look into the Finn Algot Niska. Quite a character but much of the information is in Finnish and requires some tedious translation work with Google Translate. Stay tuned for the continuing series in a week or so.

The Book
A Sirmoor Spy: the Extraordinary Life of Honorary Brigadier Robin 'Tin-Eye' Stephens. Nick Hinton. The Sirmoree - The Journal of the 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles). Spring 2019.

I have been in back-and-forth communication with Nick Hinton, a former commander of the Gurkha's, for a while. We both share a fascination with Robin W.G. Stephens, former officer of the Gurkha's and later commandant of Camp 020.

Nick has pulled together much of the information on Stephens and written an article for the Gurkha regimental magazine - The Sirmooree. In addition to the factual information, Nick has tried to portray the human side of Stephens - What were his motivations? How did the events of his life affect him in later years? Was all his bluster just a front?

A nice pull-together of the information on Stephens and well worth a read. The Sirmooree is usually available online at the regimental association's website. The latest edition (Spring 2019) isn't up yet, but will hopefully be uploaded over the next few weeks.

Review Score
5 out of 5 -excellent summary of Stephens career.

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