Promoting The Spy in the Tower on TalkRadioEurope

TalkRadioEurope logo (from their website)
TalkRadioEurope logo (from their website)

The History Press kindly set up an interview for me with the crew at TalkRadioEurope - Spain's only English speaking talk radio network.

Fellow author David Tremain has done several excellent interviews with them, so I'm really looking forward to it!

For those interested... the interview is tomorrow, Wednesday January 8.

You can Listen Live using this link. The time of the interview is at:

10:30 am Central European Standard Time
9:30 am Greenwich Mean Time
4:30 am Eastern Standard Time

1:30 am Pacific Standard Time

Which means that I will need to roust myself out of bed at 1 am and hope that I can generate some coherent thoughts... I am most definitely NOT a night owl!

I believe the radio interview will be available after the fact, and when I have the link, I will add it to the bottom of this blog post.


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